Three Marketing Concepts for Entrepreneurs

Aug 18, 2021 Betting

Marketing is the art and science of conveying a message to the intended recipients. In the context of the business environment, marketing is a tool used to acquire new customers, maintain customer loyalty, and maximize the companies’ profit. It is the bridge between the market and the organizations product or service. Marketing is a very broad field and includes a wide variety of disciplines. In business, marketing has evolved into a very crucial aspect.


Marketing Research is the process through which organizations gather information regarding consumers’ purchasing behavior, preferences, buying patterns and buying intentions so as to effectively sell their products and services and in turn earn profits. It is one of the key ingredients for organizations to effectively sell their products. Market Research is conducted to gather information from various sources that are relevant to the organization’s area of business such as consumers, employees, government, suppliers, etc. Market research is the major resource for business owners.

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing research where a company hires the services of an expert or an influencer to help them promote their products and services. This way the companies can build a strong relationship with the influencer and as a result the influencer will be seen by a large number of potential customers. This kind of marketing is generally a good source of brand awareness for businesses.

Social Marketing Promotion Social marketing is basically the application of marketing concepts that take advantage of the influence of the social network. The most common examples of social marketing include fan pages on Facebook, MySpace marketing, blogging, and bookmarking. Social marketing concepts enable a company to reach out to and communicate with customers and the communities that they belong. This allows the company to strengthen their ties with their target consumers and develop brand loyalty.

Marketing Management Companies In marketing management strategies, there are three key groups that a company needs to consider to succeed: the customers/clients, the marketer/merchant, and the media, which refer to the audience. In the previous years, marketing was mainly focused on one of these three core groups. This is because it was difficult to effectively sell products to consumers. However, changes in the way that companies market themselves has meant that marketing is no longer centered around these three groups. This has lead to a shift in perspective, which is known as brand imaging.

Brand imaging is basically the idea that a brand’s image is formed by associations that are made between the brand and the consumer. For example, when someone is searching on Google for a particular product, they might not think about how much it costs, or if it is a good buy or how to use it. They simply see the brand and their image comes to mind. This concept has been used successfully by many marketing companies and is proving to be very successful with online marketing.