Novel Coronavirus Cases – A Major Concern in China

Aug 20, 2021 Betting


Novel Coronavirus Cases – A Major Concern in China

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The biggest threat to China right now appears to come from the United States and its allies. The chief complaint appears to be that China feels China is being taken to the cleaners because one of their fighter planes accidentally collides with a Chinese citizen’s radar. This really doesn’t make any sense, since the runway is an artificial construction and there is nothing airborne when the collision occurs. If the radar was operational at the time the plane came in, then it would have recorded the aircraft, and there might have been some kind of recording device.

Now the US State Department is releasing some reports on China that seem to point the finger, but have yet to prove anything. One such report notes, “The world health organization (WHO) estimates that around 20 million people died due to pneumonia in China in 2005.” The WHO, the United Nations agency dealing with world health problems, seems to be taking a bit of a lazy eye, or perhaps they don’t want to mess with the People’s Republic of China, having received intelligence suggesting that the PRC attempted to disrupt Chinese funerals to gain access to the personal effects kept there. Is this true? Let us consider.

One could argue that the WHO may be trying to put lipstick on this pig. They claim that the number of deaths is due to a virus, and that this is one of the world’s most dangerous viruses. But then again, they also noted that they had found the virus in another country, Mongolia. So, which country was it from? No one knows for sure. The only thing we do know is that the World Health Organization has acknowledged the report, and the world health organization routinely confirms all of its findings through various means.

Therefore, the question remains whether the recent epidemic of flu in China is related to this new virus or to the changing weather conditions over the last few years. There have been numerous theories put forth regarding the origin of this outbreak, with the most common being contamination with hepatitis B and measles. Some scientists believe that the increasing pollution of the atmosphere is responsible for the increased level of stress that people are experiencing in today’s society. Could this be the reason that the median age of Chinese people is going up? This is another one of those questions that scientists are still attempting to answer.

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