Types of Graphic Designers

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Types of Graphic Designers

A designer is a person engaged in the profession of bringing to reality distinctive and attractive objects and their functional components. A designer can be a person engaged in designing a building or any structure or object, or a group of architects, designers, engineers, etc. to produce something attractive or useful. In addition, a designer can be a person who creates the plans or specifications for the erection of a building or structure or for the construction of some experiment or machine.

A designer is also described as a person who designs something according to his perception or judgment, either by using his senses or his imagination or even his combination of both, with the aid of instruments such as machines or computers. Thus, the designer can be a person who uses his own imagination or sense of vision to come up with original and wonderful structures and machines, while the others are those who work with the help of machines and computers to design or produce objects. The designers ranges of jobs are many, but they fall into one of these categories: Production/ Administration/ Sales/Service, Architecture/ Architectural Design, Consumer/Party Apparel, Interior Design, Engineering / Structural Design, Graphic Design, Engineering Technician, Landscape Designer, Printmaking Artists, Toy Manufacturers, Toy Making Manufacturers, and Others.

In order to know the exact job description of each designer, it is necessary to specify the types of jobs that they perform. The Production designers create products or finished products from raw materials by means of industrial machines. The Administration designers create products and business solutions needed by business organizations and public agencies. The Sales designers to create and deliver advertising and promotional materials, and sales promotion materials to the general public.

Another important job category is that of the Web designer, whose duty it is to develop and maintain websites for businesses. The graphic design artists create images and visual designs by means of computer-aided design (CAD). They use matrices to express their ideas in 3D form and then translate those ideas into reality through photography. The Industrial designer designs products and systems by means of industrial machines, and the Web designer creates websites for businesses through the use of graphic design software.

The number of designers ranges from a couple of to thousands. Some designers work full-time in offices, but others choose freelance work or do marketing for larger companies on a part-time basis. Most graphic designers create their own websites, although some do contract work for smaller companies. Web designers create the content that will appear on the company’s site. They also make sure that the website loads quickly and that it includes all the relevant information that users will need when they visit the site.

When hiring a designer, it is best to define the exact job description of the designer in advance. The designer’s job descriptions will vary, depending on the particular job they are responsible for. For instance, the Web designer may be asked to create logos and other visual designs, while the graphic designer will be asked to create illustrations and photographs, among other things. Designers range in experience, and a good way of hiring a designer is to look for a designer who has a good amount of experience, regardless of the type of job they are doing. Experienced designers include ui designers, web designers and industrial designers.