Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Seeks New Technologies

Sep 15, 2021 Betting


Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Seeks New Technologies

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China, in addition to being the most populous country in the world, also happens to be the world’s largest consumer of food products. China consumes enormous amounts of food – a fact that is fueling its rapid development of food technology and production capacity. A lot of that food is bought by folks in America who live in California and thus have access to products from China. China is also a leading manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. Now China, like the United States, has an extensive system of road infrastructure that ranges from interstates to rural areas. One of the most impressive developments in road infrastructure in China has been the development of China’s largest and busiest airport – the Beijing International Airport.

Among the world’s most important emporiums and retail outlets are China’s largest malls, including the busiest shopping complex in the planet located in Wuhan, China. Just south of Shanghai in the region of Hangzhou is another massive mall. There are also international banks headquartered in Wuhan and Chongqing, including the Peoples Bank of China. And there’s also the World Health Organization, which is based in Wuhan. All of these mega-malls are part of the expansion efforts of China to modernize and transform itself not only into a manufacturing center for world-class goods but also as a major provider of information and knowledge in the field of global health care.

While in Wuhan, China, please visit the Wuhan University Medical College and Research Centre. This is the main research unit of Wuhan University, a prominent institution in China. It is led by Professors Yang Bo, Mingnan, Tiebing Yang, Zhenyao Lai, Li Zhong, Mingming Yang and Hong Kong’s Dr. Dai Joo. The centre is currently gearing up to launch new clinical trials for a lung cancer treatment called lung cancer silicoblastoma which has been under development for the past decade and is expected to be approved later this year or next. During your visit to the Wuhan University Medical College and Research Centre you can learn more about the lung cancer treatment and progress of Silicoblastoma, its risks and benefits, and how this medical breakthrough will benefit patients all around the world.

In late January / early February, the center will launch another important new disease treatment for lung cancer, the new angiogenesis inhibitors. This is the first drug in decades approved by the US Food and Drug Administration that specifically target cancerous tumors with the ability to stop the production of tumor necrosis factor (TNF), a chemical that destroys cancer cells. In late February, the FDA will issue an emergency alert to healthcare companies and hospitals nationwide that will strongly recommend that these companies stop using the approved version of this drug, the Vtruxone, for patients with either non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or acute myeloid leukemia.

In late january/early march, another new hepatitis C treatment, the rupivirax is expected to enter the market. This is expected to treat more than three hundred thousand people with hepatitis C. While the timing for these two drugs is not known, they are expected to be launched at some point during the 2020 calendar year. As the Chinese healthcare market continues to expand at breakneck speed, it is anticipated that medical advances from within the Chinese healthcare system will impact the global pharmaceutical industry in a dramatic way.